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Become a Soap Making Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter into the soap making market place



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

Open Your Own Business

Teach Adults and Youth

Run an Online Company

Hold Soap Making Clinics

Work with Specialty Stores

Get Paid to Write Articles

and much more...


Course Overview

Soap making has been around for centuries and more people then ever are seeking ways to not only create a healthier lifestyle, but to also supplement their income at the same time.


This course offers you the opportunity to teach others how to create their own soaps using traditional and non-traditional soap making methods.


Believe it or not... soap can be a very profitable business.

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Course Syllabus

SM10: The Renaissance of Handmade Soap making -Why Make Soap, The Origins of Soap making, Getting Back to Nature, Finding Community, Soap making Research
SM209: Soap making Equipment - Safety Gear, Scale, Pots and Pans, Utensils, Measuring Equipment, Hand Blender, Soap Molds, Cutting Tools
SM371: The Basic Techniques and Ingredients -What Is Lye, Making Soap with Lye, Choosing a Liquid, Using Infusions, Soap making Safety, Evaporation During Curing, Soap Ash, Making Soap Without Lye
SM406: Herbs - Using Herbs in Soap making, Growing Your Own Herbs, Drying and Storing Herbs, Common Soap making Herbs, Other Additives, Making Dentifrice
SM523: Fragrance Oils - What Are Fragrance Oils, Choosing Fragrance Oils, Storing Fragrance Oils, Understanding Fragrance Oil Families, Fragrance Trends
SM657: Essential Oils - What Are Essential Oils, A Bit of Chemistry, Methods of Essential Oil Extraction, Storing Essential Oils, Using Aromatherapy, Using Common Essential Oils, Luxury Soaps Using Natural Perfumery
SM723: Color -Understanding Color Theory, Writing Color Stories, Using Color in Soap, Enjoying Natural Color Sources, Food and Cosmetic Dyes, Mica and Glitter
SM843: The Cold-Process Technique - Curing, Storing Cold-Process Soaps, Soap making Terms, Getting Started, Taking the Next Step, Tips for New Soap makers, Varying the Cold Process, Cleaning Up
SM910: Cold-Process Recipes - Creating the Perfect Basic Bar, Standard Recipes, Luxury Recipes, Layering Soaps, Swirling and Marbling Soaps, Chunking Soaps, Making Milk Soaps, Embossing with Stamps
SM1045: The Hot-Process Technique - Understanding Hot Process, Hot-Process Equipment, Creating Color Variation, Sculpting with Hot-Process Soap, Cleaning Up
SM1108: Liquid, Transparent, and Cream Hot-Process Soap Recipes - You Can Do It, Making Liquid Soap, Using Foaming Bases, Making Transparent Soap, Making Cream Soap
SM1214: The Soap-Casting Technique - More Than Just Melting and Pouring, Choosing a Base, Soap-Casting Equipment, Molds for Soap Casting, Using Tube Molds, Sample Projects
SM1372: Soap-Casting Projects - Single Pour in Blocks, Block Over-Pours, Bar Over-Pours, Embeds, Multistage Pours, Geodes, Soap Gems
SM1419: The Hand-Milling Technique -Type of Soap to Use, Advantages of Hand Milling, Hand-Milling Equipment, Sample Hand-Milling Recipes, Additive Ideas, Rescuing Soap Batches
SM1552: Your First Batches - Patience Is a Virtue, The Learning Curve, Write Down Everything, Don't Be Afraid to Reread Directions, Single-Oil Soaps, Experimenting with Color
SM1609: Making Your Own Recipes - Your Inner Chemist, Animal or Vegetable, Oil Forms, Exotic Oils, Fatty Acids, Saponification Values, Making Worksheets
SM1751: Presenting Your Soap - Reasons to Give Your Soap Away, Making Simple Gifts, Designing a Gift Suite, Gift Collection Ideas, Packaging Elements, Shelf Life, Storing Soap
SM1845: Deciding to Sell -The Impulse to Sell Your Soap, Forming a Business, Doing Your Research, Learning to Sell, Creating a Product Line, Soap Selling Smarts
SM1937: Bringing Soap to the World - Planning for Sales Events, Before the Event, At the Event, After the Event, Moving Forward, Creating a Web Site

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of soap making and its origin
2. Understand the ingredients required for soap making.
3. Teach others the art of soap making, colors & fragrances
4.Sell soap products for profit.


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
The Everything Soap making Book - Recipes for colorful and fragrant soaps
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council