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N.T.I. prides ourselves with the ability to help our students become successful educators by utilizing their life experiences in conjunction with our superior training. Learn More


Let’s face stating you’re an instructor or teacher of a topic builds much greater credibility than by simply saying you took a course in the subject” - Steve CA


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N.T.I. has assembled the absolute most profitable in-demand programs for you to teach!
All courses are accredited by the National Education Council.

You will quickly discover why hundreds of students are selecting the National Teaching Institute!

Did you know that many of our instructors earn more than most teachers who have a four year degree? That’s right... because our classes are niche specialty classes, you can earn between $300-$900 per hour!

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Workplace Safety / OSHA Instructor Courses


With today’s high safety standards in the work place and in conjunction with strict OSHA requirements, nearly all companies are required to comply with government safety regulations. You can’t go wrong by offering companies classes in workplace safety.


Tactical & Crime Prevention Instructor Courses


More people than ever are concerned about personal protection and crime against their families and businesses. If you enjoy helping people protect themselves against crime and would like to teach personal protection classes to others, then select a tactical training Instructor course that's right for you!


Sports & Hunting Instructor Courses


If you're a sports fan or enjoy other outdoor activities such as hunting, then why not teach it or become a coach? There are thousands of sports related business opportunities available in just about every geographical location. We guarantee if you're a sports nut you'll have a lot of fun teaching what you love most!


Software & Design Instructor Classes


With today's advanced technology and Internet craze people have no choice but to get up to speed with today's current Software & Design and Web Design technologies. If you enjoy working with Software & Design and want to make a living helping others get up to speed, then the Software & Design Instructor Courses are for you!


Animal Behavior & Pet Training Instructor Courses


With 63 percent of all U.S. households owning a pet, which equates to more than 69 million households who have a pet, you will never run out of potential clients who would like to have an obedient animal. If you love to work with animals, then become a certified trainer today!


Hobby Instructor Courses


Everyone wants or has a hobby and hobbies are a multi-billion dollar business! If you're a hobby enthusiast and want to tap into this multi-billion dollar market, then start teaching hobbies today! Teach one or teach them all! We guarantee you'll have a lot of fun teaching these courses!


Internet Marketing Instructor Courses


In the 80's it was today's generation it's the Internet. If you would like to teach Internet marketing and help entrepreneurs and business owners increase their business, then take one or all of our Internet Marketing Instructor courses.


Health & Fitness Instructor Courses


Cash-in on the health and wellness boom! If you have a calling to help people live a healthier lifestyle via diet and exercise, then you can't miss this opportunity! It doesn't matter if you want to become a Yoga Instructor or simply teach people how to juice for a healthier life. We guarantee there are plenty of people who will want what you teach.


Spiritual Instructor Courses


Millions of people world-wide are seeking spiritualism and meditation as a way to reduce stress and get in touch with themselves. If you are the type of person who enjoys helping people become grounded and want to teach alternative spirituality and meditation, then take advantage of these Instructor courses and get started today!


Sales Training Instructor Courses


With today’s economy times are tough and all companies are fighting to increase their sales. If you enjoy working with sales teams and want to provide them with the proper motivation and techniques needed to take their sales to the next level, then take one of our Sales Training Instructor courses today!


School Tutor Instructor Courses


High competition in the education world means there's a high demand for qualified tutors to help students reach their goals. Both parents and students understand the need for a good tutor and are willing to pay the price for great grades. If you enjoy working with students, then select a subject that's right for you!


Gardening & Herbs Instructor Courses


If you love to garden or grow herbs, then spread your knowledge by offering classes. Not only are more people becoming health conscious, but more people than ever want to be able to create beautiful landscapes by doing it themselves. Become a Certified Gardening Instructor today!


Cooking Instructor Classes


Love food? Who doesn't? If you love to cook, then these courses are for you! You can either teach people how to cook healthy or how to create the most fantastic meals or desserts. Again, if you love to cook, then check out our Cooking Instructor Courses!