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Let’s face stating you’re an instructor or teacher of a topic builds much greater credibility than by simply saying you took a course in the subject” - Steve CA

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N.T.I. prides ourselves with the ability to help our students become successful educators by utilizing their life experiences in conjunction with our superior training. Learn More


We're Hiring Online Teachers!



There's Over 25 Million Students Online...


That's right! Online distance education is booming and with today's technology we guarantee that distance education is not only here to stay, but it's here to take over the traditional education arena.



Tap into a Multi-Billion Dollar Business


Have you ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time? If so, then this program is for you! With the current online education market hitting an all time high... teaching online has never been better.


Right now, as you read this page, there are hundreds of thousands of potential students looking for an online course to take that can quite possibly help them earn an additional income or change their lives forever...



Become one of our Instructors and get paid...


Our online Instructors enjoy not only a lucrative income potential, but also the best distance education technology available NTI is a team of people who care about your success and have the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in someone's life!


Are you an expert in your field or currently teach a course?


The National Teaching Institute is currently seeking qualified instructors in just about every field. We have many categories for you to teach a course in, but you're not limited to exisiting categories. If you have a special course you would like to introduce to us please just let us know!.


Here's our current list of categories:

Workplace Safety / OSHA
Tactical Training
Crime Prevention
School Tutoring
Pet Training
Sales Training
Sports & Hunting
Gardening & Herbs
Health & Fitness
Software & Design



Get Started Today! How it Works...


The National Teaching Institute trains instructors so our students can go out in their local community and teach specialized courses in their topic of choice. Some students will also take our courses to improve their credentials. NTI specializes in non-government regulated courses.


How you will earn money...


Once you submit your course to us the NTI engineering department will convert it into an online course for you to teach. Our engineers, technicians, web developers and marketing team will handle everything for you!


Once the course and promotional materials have been added to our system (approx. 5 business days) we will begin promoting the class for you...


The moment you obtain a student you will earn 50%
of the course fee. This will be your pay to teach the class.


Again, we will handle everything for you:


+ The Online Course Creation
+ The Marketing Material and Ad Copy Creation
+ The Sales Calls
+ The Technical Support
+ and much more


If you were to handle all of this work yourself you would spend thousands of dollars and hundred of hours just setting up your course...then you would still be required to spend money and time obtaining students once your program was in place. NTI provides all of this at NO COST to you!


As an Instructor your responsibilities will be...


+ Provide us the initial course information
+ Answer any questions the students have via email and possibly online chat (optional)
+ Read submitted essay questions


The average Instructor only works a few hours a day while earning an exceptional income!


Our Online Technology will put your course on "Auto-Pilot"!


Our online technology will automatically provide your students their reading assignments and grade all quizzes and test for you...there will be no need to manually grade any papers. This will be handled instantly for you by our software! Again, this will free up a lot of your time so you can earn money while enjoying what you love most! Get started today!



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How this program works - Learn more about us and how this program works...   What we do for you - Learn what we do for you, course requirements & compensation   How to submit your course - Learn how to submit your course
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