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Search Engine Optimization Instructor Course

This program will prepare you to enter into the SEO market place



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

This Search Engine Optimization Course will allow you to become a Certified Instructor Of Search Engine Optimization and help you expand your knowledge to others that are looking to become certified as well.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from the "free," "organic," "editorial" or "natural" listings on search engines. With this course you can become an expert in search engine optimization and make an income with it.


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Course Syllabus

SEO107: Getting Started With Search-Engine Optimization - Choose a Topic, Find Your Target Audience, Set a Budget, Set Goals, Put a Team Together, Keep Up with Industry News, Attend an Industry Conference
SEO262: Keyword Generation - An Introduction to Keyword Generation, Select Keywords, Analyze Your Competition with, Keyword Research with KeyCompete, Keyword Research with KeywordSpy, Analyze Your Competition with SEMRush, Using the Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool, Using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, Research Keywords with Keyword Discovery, Analyze Keywords with Keyword Discovery, Filter Keywords with Keyword Discovery
SEO319: Creating Pages - An Introduction to Creating Pages, Choose File names, Optimize Title Tags, Optimize Meta Description Tags, Optimize Meta Keyword Tags, Create a Meta Robots Tag, Add Emphasis with Header Tags, Using Text Modifiers, Optimize Images, Create Links,Validate HTML
SEO402: Basic Web Site Structure - An Introduction to Basic Web Site Structure, Find Web Hosting, Establish a Domain Name, Optimize for Multiple Browsers, Plan and Design a Web Site Structure, Link within Subject Matter Themes, Design a Sitemap, Create a Company Information Page, Create a Privacy Policy
SEO523: Advanced Web Site Structuring - An Introduction to Advanced Web Site Structuring, Create a Robots.txt File, Using the Nofollow Attribute, Structure URLs Correctly, Protect Yourself with an .htaccess File, Using Mod_Rewrite to Rewrite URLs, Redirect Non-WWW Traffic to WWW, Redirect with 301 Redirects
SEO654: Creating Content - An Introduction to Creating Content, Write for People- Not Search Engines, Avoid Duplicate Content, Using Proper Keyword Density, Using Latent Semantic Content, Keep Content Current, Optimize Non-HTML Documents
SEO768: Creating Communities - An Introduction to Creating Communities, Create a Blog with WordPress, Create a Blog with Blogger, Create a Blog with Tumblr, Write Search-Engine-Optimized Posts, Make Your Blog Successful, Create a Community with vBulletin, Create a Community with phpBB, Make Your Forum Successful, Add Reviews to Your Web Site
SEO821: Building Links - An Introduction to Building Links, Evaluate Competition, Evaluate Potential Linking Partners, Gather Link Intelligence with Linkscape, Acquire Quality Links, Using Effective Anchor Text, Link Directory Submissions, Article Directory Submissions, Community Participation, Community Participation (continued), Request One-Way Links, Buy Links, Buy Links (continued)
SEO910: Using Google Analytics - An Introduction to Google Analytics, Create an Account, Install Tracking Code, Set Conversion Goals, Exclude Your IP Address with Filters, Exclude Traffic from a Particular Domain, Include Only Certain Directories, Track External Links, Automate Reporting, Using Analytics to Find New Keywords, Set Up E-Commerce Tracking, Insert Tracking Code on Your Thank You Page, Using Third-Party Shopping Carts
SEO1075: Social Media Optimization - An Introduction to Social Media Optimization, Network with Facebook, Create a Fan Page on Facebook, Network with MySpace, Maximize Exposure with StumbleUpon, Micro-Blog with Twitter, Build Followers with Twitter Search, Network with Google Buzz, Connect with LinkedIn, Share Videos with YouTube, Take Advantage of Digg Traffic, Network with Sphinn
SEO1116: Creating Pay-Per-Click Campaigns - An Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, Learn About AdWords Accounts, Create an AdWords Campaign, Create an AdWords Campaign (continued), Target Your Campaign, Write Effective Ad Copy, Using Keyword Matching Options, Set Bidding Strategies, Run PPC Reports, Track Conversions, Using Google AdWords Editor, Optimize Your Account
SEO1243: Optimizing Ppc Campaigns Through Quality Score Optimization - An Introduction to Quality Score Optimization, Learn About Quality Score, Optimize Quality Score, Test Ad Copy, Test Keywords Based on Match Type, Test Ad Copy with Advanced Keyword Insertion, Using Content-Targeted Campaigns, Using Placement-Targeted Campaigns, Test Performance with Dayparting, Optimize Your Landing Pages
SEO1304: Optimizing For Other Search Engines - An Introduction to Optimizing for Other Search Engines, Optimize Blog Posts for Technorati, Optimize Your Web Site for, Optimize Your Images for Google Images, Increase Exposure on, Improve Your Ranking on, Using Shopping Engines to Drive Traffic, Produce Sales with eBay Auctions, Using Craigslist to Drive Traffic
SEO1461: Monetizing Traffic - An Introduction to Monetizing Traffic, Place Google AdSense Ads on Your Web Site, Earn Money with Chitika Select Ads, Earn Money with Commission Junction, Earn Money with LinkShare, Earn Money with Pepperjam Network, Advertise Cost-per-Action Offers with AZN, Sell Reviews with ReviewMe, Sell Links with, Sell Links with
SEO1579: Installing Seo Plugins - An Introduction to SEO Plugins, Install the Google Toolbar, Install the Alexa Toolbar, Using the SEO for Firefox Plugin, Optimize Titles with the WordPress Title Tag Plugin, Optimize Descriptions with the WordPress Description Tag Plugin, Create Sitemaps with the WordPress Sitemap Generator, Using the Permalink Redirect Plugin

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of Internet Marketing using SEO
2. Understand multiple ways to help your clients obtain massive exposure online using search engine optimization
3. Master the latest online marketing techniques
4.Evaluate your client's current online exposure and create a plan to help them obtain their goals
5. Be able to define the most up-to-date SEO terminology
6. Outline and construct an Internet marketing course
7. Be able to successfully teach this course


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
Search Engine Optimization 2nd Edition - Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council