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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Instructor Course

This program will prepare you to help companies become OSHA compliant



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

Any employee who may come in contact with blood as a part of their job is required by OSHA to be trained in bloodborne pathogens or face fines up to $70,000.


If you are interested in offering this course to companies for profit or teaching other trainers to offer this to companies, then consider taking this course.


This course was created to make it quick and painless for the companies you train to meet this requirement and get back to their jobs. OSHA fines for non-compliance are very high.


Get started today!


Course Syllabus

BP10: The Standard of the Bloodborne Pathogens - Learn the standards, trainings, regulations, and requirements designed by different agencies in combatting bloodborne pathogens
BP201: Bloodborne Pathogens - Learn about different infectious diseases and how those are being transmitted
BP323: Personal Protection - Learn personal and employer responsibility for personal protection and the equipment required
BP402: Preventing Infections from Bloodborne Pathogens - Discover the different preventive measures to avoid getting pathogen infections
BP523: Airborne Pathogens - Learn about different airborne diseases: their symptoms and preventions

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Help companies become OSHA Compliant
2. Understand what requirements OSHA demands from companies who may come into contact with blood
3. Master the OSHA rules and regulations for Bloodborne Pathogens and define the best safety practices
4.Be able to properly consult for companies required to be OSHA bloodborne pathogen compliant
5. Be able to properly market your course or business to companies who need these services


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
3 Days or 15 Study Hours
Text Book
  • Bloodborne Pathogens - Fifth Edition -
American Acadey of Orthopedic Surgeons
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council