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Become a Certified Yoga Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter into the Yoga market place



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

Be an Expert Yoga Instructor

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Course Overview

Yoga is considered a mind-body type of complementary and alternative medicine practice. Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.


Traditional yoga philosophy requires that students adhere to this mission through behavior, diet and meditation. But if you're just looking for better stress management — whether because of life's daily hassles or a health problem you're facing — and not an entire lifestyle change or way of life, yoga can still help.


If you're ready to teach others to be stress free and to make a profit from it, then this course is just what you're looking for.


This Yoga Instructor Course gives you the ability to teach others ways to stay relaxed throughout their busy days.


Become a Certified Yoga Instructor Today!


Course Syllabus

TY123: Ancient roots of modern yoga - You will learn about The Vedas, The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, and more.
TY246: Modern Hatha Yoga - Exploring the development of Modern Hatha Yoga
TY339: Subtle Energy - Explore the elements of energetic flow, form, and structure that expand the scientific foundations of our teaching palette.
TY402: Body structure and movement - Learn the basic functional anatomy and biomechanics through the lens of the yoga teacher.
TY578: Creating space for self-transformation - You will learn how to create favorable space for students to deepen their practice.
TY654: Techniques and tools in teaching yoga - Fundamental principles and techniques for guiding yoga practice.
TY768: Teaching Asanas -You will look closely at the teaching of 108 asanas.
TY821: Teaching Pranayama - Learn several pranayama techniques.
TY910: Teaching Meditation - In this module you will learn various approaches to meditation.
TY1045: Sequencing and planning classes - Learn the principles of sequencing and planning specific classes.
TY1183: Specialized Teaching - Learn how to work with students with injuries, depression, and students that are pregnant.
TY1254: The yoga profession - Look at yoga as a profession, learn to navigate the business aspect of yoga in a way that allows you to sustain yourself as a teacher.
FP182: Poses One through Eighteen - Explore poses that help Anger, Asthma, Attitude, and Concentration.
FP207: Poses Nineteen Through Thirty Six - Learn poses that help with Confidence, Destiny, Discovery, and Flexibility.
FP364: Poses Thirty Seven through Fifty Four - Discover poses that will help with Honesty, Imagination, and Headaches.
FP421: Ancient roots of modern yoga - Teaches poses that are good for Immune Systems, Knee pain, and Love.
FP592: Poses Seventy Three through Ninety - Instruction for poses that are good for Optimism, Rejuvenation, and Shoulder Tension.
FP677: Poses Ninety One through One Hundred and Eight - Learn about poses that are good for Silence, Stress, and Victory.
CY176: Making money with yoga - Discover how to make money with yoga the old way, in your sleep, and what affiliate marketing is and how it works.
CY283: How to make your own Products - You will be introduced to making your own products, and marketing in the 21st century.
CY355: Facebook basics - Learn the basics of facebook and how it can be used to market your product.
CY449: Twitter basics - Explore the basics of twitter, and article sales.
CY512: Article Marketing - Learn about Article Marketing and Blogging.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of yoga and its origin
2. Understand the deeper knowledge of Yoga
3. Help people heal with the techniques and foundations behind yoga
4. Master the 108 Poses of Feeling Peace
5. Gain the knowledge of Chakras
6. Teach students the art of yoga and the meaning of the Peace it brings
7.Learn how to properly teach a yoga class
8. Become a master of yoga
9. Find Inner peace with yoga
10. Learn how to make more money than ever imagined as a yoga instructor
11. Teach Others yoga over the web or in your community


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book

Teaching Yoga- Mark Stephens

Feeling Peace with 108 Yoga Poses

Careers in Yoga

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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council