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Become a Spiritual Advisor

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Course Overview

Spiritual Warfare has been around since the beginning of time, and people have become more interested in the subject as faith becomes more accepted and widely practiced.


Teaching Spiritual Warfare is a good step in the right direction to gaining many students that are interested in the subject

and how it has come to be.


Enroll today and start your new career as a Spiritual Advisor


Course Syllabus

SW104: Facing the Reality of Your Enemy - Know the great and rude awakening, gaining a victory perspective, unlocking the secret of the scroll, the Deliverer, the overcoming church, end time misconceptions about spiritual warfare, training for reigning, in the shadow of the shepherd, your place in the army of God, the cave church, and six essentials for the warrior.
SW223: Tracing the History of Your Enemy - Know the continuous war in Eden, battle beyond the stars, the formation of Satan, Lucifer sins and failures, the old creation, Satan's ultimate plan, war on humanity, war against the promised seed of Israel, Satan's war on the church, and seven demons that attack the church (spirit of religion, intimidation, compromise, Jezebel, traditionalism, inferiority, and pride).
SW378: Understanding the Dynasty of your Enemy - Understand how Satan oppresses, the hierarchy of hell, unmasking the enemy, demonic protocols, and symptoms of demonic operations.
SW419: Knowing the Strategies of Your Enemy - Learn the strategy of fear, the strategy of depression, the strategy of affliction, the strategy of error, and the strategy of perversion.
SW531: Further Strategies of the Enemy - Understand the strategy of confusion, the strategy of bitterness, the strategy if death, the Cain spirit/killing spirit, the strategy of pressure, the coiling spirit, the strategy of poverty, and the strategy of legalism.
SW628: Enforcing the Victory over Your Enemy - Start to appreciate more the victory at cavalry, foundations for victory, the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit, resources for victory, the believer's position for victory, arming for victory, the belt of truth, and slamming the door in the enemy's face.
SW702: Maintaining the Victory over Your Enemy - Learn about putting the enemy to flight, turning back the enemy, living a life of worship, loving others unconditionally, taking back ground, breaking curses, building hedges of spiritual protection, and living in triumphant hope.

ED183: Fundamentals - Learn how did Jesus do it, terminology, the pattern and mission of Jesus.
ED227: In the School of Experience - Know the author's struggle with depression, people the author failed to help, confrontation with demons, challenged in own pulpit, beneath the surface, lessons from an expanding ministry, and ongoing personal conflicts.
ED309: Questions about Demons - Know what are demons, what is the origin of demons, flesh or demons, and how do demons come in.
ED482: Further Questions about Demons - Learn what is the occult, is witchcraft still at work today, do Christians ever need deliverance from demons, and will the Holy Spirit indwell an unclean vessel.
ED523: How to Recognize and Expel Demons - Learn the characteristic activities of demons, activities of demons, areas of personality affected by demons, demons of sickness and infirmity, preparing for deliverance,
ED654: Recognizing and Expelling Demons - Learn a prayer for deliverance, how to keep your deliverance, why some are not delivered, helping others be set free, and after deliverance.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Help other overcome negative entities in their lives
2. Understand the work of negative forces in today's society
3. Master powerful techniques to cast out demons from ones life.
4.Psychologically evaluate a person to determine if they are indeed inflicted with negative entities or demons
5. Be able to classify the types of evil entities on today's world and how to overcome the obstacles they present in our lives.
6. Outline and construct a course on demonic spirits
4.Psychologically evaluate a list of demonic suspects and recognise the behavior patterns thereof
5. Be able to help cure others of generational curses
6. Outline and construct a course on your own based on demonic assessments and assumptions.
7. Be able to successfully teach this course


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
Everyones guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare - Simple Powerful Tools to Outmanuvering Satan in your daily life - They Shal Demons - What you need to know about demons.
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