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Social Media Marketing Instructor Course

This program will prepare you to enter into the Social Media market place



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

A great way to gain traffic or attention through social media sites is Social Media Marketing, and with this course you can become a certified instructor of Social Media Marketing.


Social Media sites are globally popular and growing rapidly; this provides you with a huge variety of students interested in learning to be an expert in Social Media Marketing.


The possibilities are endless when you become an Instructor
of Social Media Marketing.


Course Syllabus

SMM102: Building Your Relationship Strategy - Welcome To The Social Business Revolution, Generosity, Vulnerability, Candor, Accountability
SMM217: The Psychology Of Social Media Marketing - Click-Whirr-Buy, Social Media Mental Shortcuts (Plus Great Value), Much Obliged: The Power Of Reciprocity, The Give And Take, The Give- Give-Give, Social Proof: Herd It Through The Grapevine, You Like Me . . . You Really, Really Like Me!, I Like Your Blog, You Must Respect My Authority, Shocking Results At Yale University, Perception Of Authority Matters Most, Content Creates Context, Google Loves Authority, Too, Authority Rules
SMM323: Mastering Online Marketing Six Key Principles - Principles Vs. Tactics, Principle #1: Become A Savvy Marketer, Principle #2: Begin Strategically With Your End In Mind, Principle #3: Develop A Solid Marketing Plan And Calendar, Principle #4: Pay Attention To Every Detail, Principle #5: Build Strong Relationships: Turn "Followers" Into "Friends", Principle #6: Leverage Your Time, Passion Makes Perfect
SMM402: Creating Content People Care About The Cornerstone Of Social Media - Why E. B. White Matters, So What Is "Content," Anyway?, Start Here: Five Questions To Answer About Your Business, 11 Rules Of Compelling Content
SMM523: How To Create A Mega-Following With Social Media Marketing - Business Background, Building Your Personal Brand Equity With Sweat Equity, Extending The Messsage With Twitter And Facebook: Word-Of-Mouth Marketing On Steroids, Authenticity And Transparency, Viewing Social Media Websites As Tools, The Game Is Alayws Changing
SMM654: Personality How To Stand Out In A Virtual Crowd - Nobody Has Time To See How Awesome You Are, The Secret Skeptic, A Little Nuty, The Next Manson. The Next Oprah., Remember That One Time, When You Did That Thing?, Passionate Or Provocative-Or Both, No, You're Not A Fraud, Let Your Freak Flag Fly
SMM768: Build Strong Online Communities Using Social Media -Why People Join Online Communities, It's Not About Your Product, People Want Responsive Communities, People Want Ease Of Use,How To Encourage More Response And Interaction, Building Vs. Participating, Alternative Community Platforms, In Closing
SMM821: Social Media Marketing Success Qualities - The Five Characteristics Of An Internet Millionaire, The Biggest Mistakes People Make With Social Media, My Personal Four-Pronged Social Media Strategy
SMM910: How To Communicate With Impact Using Social Media - How You Commnicate On Social Media Can Either Build Or Break Your Business, Key #1: Givve A Glimpse Into Your Life, Key #2: Use Stories To Stand Out From The Clutter, Key # 3: Start Juicy Conversations, Key # 4: Deepen Their Involvement By Offering A Next Step, Key # 5 : Build Trust By Linking To Other Experts, Key # 6: Break Through The Clutter By Coming Out With A Bang
SMM1066: How To Profit From Your Social Media Efforts -You Can Absolutely Profit Using Social Media, Why Most Businesses Don't Profit When Using Social Media, The Importance Of Tracking Your Social Media Results, Four Key Strategies To Increase Your Profits Using Social Media
SMM1104: PR Strategies For Social Media -How The Internet Changes Nearly Everything About Publicity, How To Build Relationships Using Social Media, Blog Strategy, Twitter Stagegy, Linkedin Tactics, Additional Research Tools, Build Your Credibility By Becoming An Expert In The Eyes Of Reporters, Write Press Releases That Get Attention, Conclusion
SMM1232: Making Your Content Go Viral With Social Media - Content Matters More In Social Media Circles, Great Content = Social Frenzy, What We Did, Results After Four Weeks, Total Costs, Phase 1: The Survey, Key Survey Questions, How We Got Survey Takers, Viral Survey Results, After People Completed The Survey, Phase 2: The Report And Its Viral Secret, How To Create A Retweet Link, Using Short Videos, Creating The Social Media-Friendly, Landing Pages, Phase 3: The Promotion, Facebook Video, The Results, Parting Thoughts
SMM1380: Business Blogs Make Your Blog The Centerpiece Of Your Social Media Enterprise -Your Blog Is Your Home Base, What Is A Business Blog?, Setting The Stage: Ten Key Steps You Muste Take Before Starting Your Busines Blog, Move Your Readers To Action With Compelling Content, Remember The Four E's When You Write, Visibility = Opportunity, Use Social Media To Drive Traffic Back To Your Blog
SMM1411: Facebook The Essential Rules Of Building A Large And Loyal Following - Essential Rules Of Building A Large And, Loyalcfollowing, Optimizing The Main Compinents Of Facebook, Mari's Proven Four-Part Formula For Profitable Relationships, The Power Of Friend Lists And News Feeds, Ten Steps To Building A Fantastic Facebook Fan Page, Resources
SMM1553: Twitter Your Power Pr Tool For Attracting A Tribe Of Raving Fans - The Twitter Revolution, The Mobile Revolution, The New Power Pr Tool, Twitter Doesn't Exist In A Vacuum, Bees To Honey, C.H.A.R.M. Your Twitter Followers, How To Profit With Twitter, Building Your Tribe On Twitter, Hashtag What?, Social Media For Social Good, Hashtags That Hit Home, The Tribe That Is Twitter, Send People To Your Own Site, Opting Out, The Bottom Line
SMM1670: Linkedin Transforming Networks Into Dynamic Business Connections - 12 Steps To Transform A Linkedin Profile Into An Always-On Networking Hub, Why Your Company Or Organization Needs Its Own Linkedin Profile, How To Make Connections To Exponentially Expand Your Network, How To Increase Your Influence On Linkedin And Beyon, What Linkedin Groups Can Do For You An Your Busines
SMM1700: Youtube Leveraging The Power Of Google To Get Your Video Content - If You're Not On Youtube, You're Missing A Really Big Boat, Six Ways Youtube Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts, Start Here: Setting Up Your Youtube Channel, Next, Join In The Fun? Even Without Videos Of Your Own, Tips For Producing Engaging Youtube Content—Even Without A Video Camera, Factors To Keep In Mind As You Plan And Create Youtube Content, Stealth Optimization Tactics For Youtube Titles, Tags, And Video Descriptions, Seven Ways To Get Traffic From Youtube To Your Main Website, Community Factors That Affect Your Video Rankings, Last But Not Least? Get Links, Evaluating Your Progress, Just Keep Eating The Elephant
SMM1822: Podcasting Leveraging The Power Of Apple To Get Your Content To Millions - What Is Podcasting?, Why Podcasting Changed The Face Of Media Forever, How To Create A Podcast With Your Phone, How To Outsmart Your Competition With Podcasting, Leveraging Apple, Apple Isn't The Only Podcast Player In Town, Podcasting And Your Social Media Strategy
SMM1956: Using Social Bookmarking To Improve Your Traffic, Links, And Visibility - What Is Social Bookmarking?, How Social Bookmarking Sites Work, The Difference Between Social Networking And Social Bookmarking, The Top Five Social Bookmarking Sites, Being Succssful In Social Bookmarking, Why Social Bookmarking Is Important, Social Bookmarking And Your Marketing Strategy, Be More Successful In Social Bookmarking, Network Effectively On Social Bookmarking Sites, Know What To Submit, Tips For Writing ʺBookmarkableʺ Content, Promote Your Story, Social Bookmarking Tactics To Avoid, Summary
SMM2037: Mobile Marketing Integrate This Powerful Tool With Your Social - What Is Mobile Marketing?, The Synergistic Relationship Between Mobile And Social Media, Two Ways To Get Started In Mobile Marketing, Built-In Mobile Tools In Social Networking
SMM2183: Online Video A Mini Guide To Your Own Web Show - Why Bother With Online Video?, How To Get Started, Before You Begin, Tools Of The Trade, Tips For Outsourcing Video, Web Video Dos And Don'ts, A Final Piece Of Advice
SMM2295: Social Media In One Hour A Day Module Detailed - Ready. Set. Focus., Lay Out Your Hour, And Stick To., Building Your Contacts List, Chapter Summary

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of Internet Marketing using Social Media Marketing
2. Understand multiple ways to help your clients obtain massive exposure online using SSM
3. Master the latest online marketing techniques
4.Evaluate your clients current online exposure and create a plan to help them obtain their goals
5. Be able to define the most up-to-date Sociam Media terminology
6. Outline and construct an Social Internet marketing course
7. Be able to successfully teach this course


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars - Mitch Meyerson
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arrow Study at Your Own Pace
arrow 100% Real Instructors
arrow No Books to Ship or Waiting
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council