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Become a Certified Soccer Coach

This program will prepare you to work as a Soccer Coach



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

Coach Youth & Adults

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Course Overview

Soccer is a popular sport around the globe, and soccer teams vary from toddlers to adults and they all need a Coach, are you up for the challenge?


If so, this course will guarantee you every opportunity to teach others the fundamentals and principals behind Soccer.


Every country loves Soccer and soccer coaches are in greater demand than ever. So if you enjoy the sport of soccer, take this course today.


Course Syllabus

CS149: Ethics and Your Coaching Philosophy - Covers three ethical issues that you will have to consider at some time in your coaching career: what exactly you hope to achieve from coaching, the meaning and importance of "good play", and the importance of winning.
CS288: Personal Coaching Strategies - Describes a number of personal coaching strategies that are helpful when dealing with individual players, helping you relate to the members of your team individually.
CS323: Group Coaching Strategies - Describes coaching strategies as they relate to the way you coach larger groups of players and organize team practices.
CS490: Collecting and Controlling the Ball Drills - Basic Ball Juggling, Continuous Heading, Three Touch, Individual Juggling, Partner Juggling, Team Juggling, Control With the Thigh, Control With the Instep, Control With the Inside and Outside of the Foot, Wall as a Partner, Alternating Targets, Goalkeeper, Rebounding, Receiving the Ball Under Pressure, 3v1 in a Circle, Throw-Control-Pass, Turning With the Ball, Controlling and Passing on the Move, Control and Penetrate

CS554: Passing Drills - Push Pass, Push Passing on the Move, Give and Move Back, Wall Passing, Layoff Passing, Long Passing, Long Passing on the Move, 4v1 Outside the Square, 2v4 Outside the Square, 3v1 Piggy in the Middle, Corner-to-Corner Practice, Directional Possession Play, Soccer Baseball, Five Attackers Versus Two Defenders, Four Attackers Versus Two Defenders, Three Attackers Versus Two Defenders, 3v2 Team Practice, Possession to Switch the Play, Rotating Goalkeepers, Four Goals, Floater
CS617: Dribbling Drills - Friends With the Ball, Follow the Leader, Zigzag Dribbling, Ball Dancing, Ship and Lifeboat, Dribbling Pen, 5v1 or 2, Safety Fence, London Bridge, Showing the Ball, Pretending to Kick, Creating Space, Step-Over Play, Screening Around the Defender, Attacking the Square, Two-Goals Dribbling Pen, Challenge, 1v1 Corridor Dribbling, Sweeper
CS703: Striking the Ball Drills - Instep Drive From a Tee, Lofted Kick From a Tee, Stationary Volley, Moving Ball, Distance Kick, Balanced Volley, Chip, Banana Kick, Cruyff Chip With Spin, Corner Kick, Long-Range Kicking
CS812: Shooting Drills - Instep Drives 1-9, Distance Shooting, 3v3 in the Penalty Area, 4v4 Shooting Game, Conditioned Team Shooting Practice
CS950: Heading Drills - Heading in Threes, Doubles Heading, Heading at Goal, Defensive Heading in Threes, Head Tennis, Headed Clearances, Throw-Head-Catch
CS1087: Goalkeeping Drills - Basic Goal keeping, Pingers, Clock Shooting, Alternate Shots, Crosses and Shots, Three-Sided Goal, All In, Goalkeeper Game
CS1106: Tackling and Defensive Skills - Defensive 1v1, Intercepting the Pass, Stopping the Turn, Forcing an Attacker, Teamwork in Defense, Advanced Intercepting the Pass, Block Tackle, Corner and Line Attack, Side Block Tackle, Tackling Pen, Advanced Side Block Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Competitive Defense
CS1277: Principles of Play - Addresses the Basic Principles of play, which can be used to analyze how well or how badly your team is playing
CS1329: Strengths and Weaknesses - Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the various team formations and systems of play so that you can select, or modify your own tactics in accordance with the state of the game or the quality of the opposition.
CS1480: Planning and Implementation of Methods and Drills -Building upon chapters 2 and 3, this chapter deals with the planning and implementation of methods and drills designed to coach in full-game situations
CS1532: Advanced Tactics of Team Play - Confirm or extend your knowledge of team tactics, regardless of the level of your players
CS1613: Set Pieces - Tactics you can use when attacking or defending at throw-ins, corner kicks, free kicks, and penalty kicks. Coaches of teams of all levels will find the drills and tactics in this chapter to be of immediate value.
CS1791: Game Day - Advice on preparing your players on game days, both physically and mentally, Pregame talks, warming up, what to say at halftime, and how to say it and Postgame talks
CS1845: Problem Players - How to identify and work with problem players and how to approach parents who might be causing difficulties

CS1907: Fitness and Conditioning - Fitness tests and drills designed to take place outside on the playing field, How to adapt these activities to condition players of differing levels of fitness at the same time, Drills for stamina, acceleration, speed, and footwork, advice on nutrition and diet.

YSP109: A Few Moves - Learn a drill highlighting dribbling, changing direction, pull back (180), ins-step cut, circle dribblers, and eliminators.
YSP224: Long Run - Be familiar with running laps, circle passes, volleys, headers, touch pass, passing, shooting, trapping, and laces.
YSP354: Juggling - Know and apply the traps, wall pass side to side, and scrimmage.
YSP438: Conditioning - Understand the 5v2 refined space, gauntlet, ADD-EM to foster passing and possession, and 3v3 one goal.
YSP576: Moving Traps - Understand the 4-corners drill, 1v1 to goal, and offense-defense.
YSP686: Long Run - Be trained to get the players into shape with circle dribblers, on coaches signal (6-8 of each mixed up), stutter step, step over, 180 pull back, in-step cut, out-step cut, regular keep away, wall pass finish (a simple shooting sequence for finishing on goal, and stealing the bacon.
YSP750: Shadowing -Learn to delay a ball carrier, backpedaling, goal kicks, 3v3 or 4v4 drill, variation, and corner kick madness.
YSP821: Backwards Traps - Be aware of more trapping skills, scrimmage with a team, and quick fun warm-up to get the energy flowing.
YSP905: Run - Applying a 7 to 8-minute non-stop running, 3 player overlap, passing and trapping with the added element of an overlapping run added in, cross drills, transitioning the attack from the outside to the center, 3v2 attack, and inserting a drill.
YSP1004: Box Keep Away - Learn moving the ball in all directions with the help from support on all sides, the turn-and-shoot drill, rapid fire drill, and 2 goals per team scrimmage.
YSP1167: Long Run - Adapt a 5v2 warm up, 1v1 drill, 2v1 outside attack, and counter attack.
YSP1208: Three-Player Overlap - Be familiar with passing and trapping with the added element of an overlapping run, 4 goals, and small-sided tournament.
YSP1336: Before the 1st Game Practice - Learn more about backward traps, 5v2 passing drill, 3v2 offensive finishing and defense near the goal area, turn-and-shoot drill, throw-ins
YSP1487: Basic Skills Practice - Become skilled at group juggling, circle dribbler drill, stutter step, step over, 3 player overlap, and few cross drills.
YSP1513: Player Favorites - Recognize an old favorite, and a good quick warm up, gauntlet drill, and steal the bacon drill which is one of the oldest, but always classic.
YSP1662: Offense #1 - Learn the wall pass side to side passing, 1v1 to goal (soccer's rebound), finishing a shot from outside the box, and 3v3 one goal drill.
YSP1790: Offense #2 -Get used to the 5v2 refined space, cross drills focusing on transitioning the attack, and offense-defense.
YSP1844: Defense - Apply a good defensive warm up called shadowing, dribbling in tight spaces and protecting the ball, out side attack 2v1, and many more.
YSP1953: Passing/Possession - Recognize another triangular oriented passing drill, and drill that promotes ball possession.
YSP2048: Shooting - Learn Shooting drills and master shooting techniques

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Learn how to properly coach soccer and how to take your team to victory
2. Understand how to turn your practice sessions into learning experiences
3. Master the latest soccer coaching techniques used by national superstars
4.Psychologically evaluate your players and understand their abilities based on performance, drive and the understanding of the game
5. Be able to properly execute soccer plays based on historical events
6. Outline and construct a soccer program that guarantees success
7. Be able to successfully teach this course


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
Skills and Strategies for Coaching Soccer - 20 Youth Soccer Practices
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council