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Become a Microsoft Office 2010 Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter into the Microsoft Office Market Place.



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

This teaching certification program is for Microsoft® Office 2010 and consists of five courses that provide a quick review of basic PC and Windows® operations followed by detailed instruction on using the three most popular applications of Microsoft Windows, 2010; Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®.


The program includes specific instruction for each application including theory and a hands-on project, followed by lessons that teach how to integrate applications like Word with PowerPoint® and Word with Excel®.

Learn how to teach:

Microsoft® Windows
Microsoft® Office
Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Excel®
Microsoft® PowerPoint®
Integrating Microsoft® Office Applications


Course Syllabus

MC01: Overview of the Book - Know the Useful Tasks and the Easiest Way to Do Them, A Quick Overview, What's New in Office 2010, A Few Assumptions, and A Final Word.
MC02: Working in Office 2010 - Learn about Microsoft 2010 Programs, Using the Ribbon, Using Galleries and Lists, Using Shortcut Menus and Dialog Boxes, Using Only the Keyboard, Moving and Copying Content, Working with Backstage View, Getting Help, Saving Your Work, and Office's File Formats.
MC03: Common Tasks in Office - Know about working with Old Documents, Inserting Pictures, Changing the Size of a Picture, Editing a Picture, Enhancing Your Pictures, Making Your Pictures Pop, Adding Clip Art, Inserting Screenshots, Adding Shapes, Formatting a Shape, Inserting Date and Time, Creating Stylized Text, Inserting a SmartArt Diagram, Translating Your Text, and Researching a Subject.
MC04: Viewing and Editing Text in Word - Learn Creating a New Document, Composing Different Types of Documents, Word's Views, Reading a Document, Editing Text, Discovering the Many Ways to Work with Text, Navigating Your Document, Replacing Text, Correcting Your Spelling and Grammar, Correcting Text Automatically, Adding Page Numbers, Co-Authoring in Word 2010, Marking and Reviewing Changes in a Document, and Comparing Documents Side by Side.
MC05: Formatting In Word - Learn about Choosing a Theme for Your Document, Formatting Text with Styles, Choosing Styles from the Style Window, Changing Character Fonts, Setting Paragraph Alignment, Adjusting Paragraph Line Spacing, Setting Spacing Between Paragraphs, Indenting a Paragraph, Formatting with Tabs, Adding Emphasis and Special Formatting, Copying Your Formatting, Creating a Bulleted or Numbered List, Formatting a List, Creating a Table from Scratch, Using a Predesigned Table, Creating a Table from Text, Adding or Deleting Rows and Columns, Formatting a Table, Improving the Layout with Hyphenation, Laying Out the Page, Creating Special Page Setups, Creating Headers and Footers, Changing Page Orientation Within a Document, Flowing Text into Columns, Creating Sections, Wrapping Text Around a Graphic, Sorting Your Information, and Reorganizing a Document.
MC06: Working with Special Content in Word - Know How to Number Headings and Lines, Insert a Cover Page, Insert Information with Additional Actions, Insert an Equation, Add a Sidebar or a Pull Quote, Insert a Watermark, Create Footnotes and Endnotes, Insert a Citation, Create a Table of Contents, Print an Envelope, Print a Mailing Label, Mail Merge, Creat a Form Letter, and Finalize Your Document.
MC07: Working in Excel - Understand Excel 2010 Basics, Choosing a Theme for Your Worksheet, Entering the Data, Formatting Cells, Moving, Copying and Pasting Data, Adding and Deleting Columns and Rows, Creating a Data Series, Organizing Your Worksheets, Printing a Worksheet, Adding and Viewing Comments, and Working with the Excel Web App.
MC08: Analyzing and Presenting Data in Excel - Learn about Applying Conditional Formatting to Cells, Cell References, Formulas and Functions, Adding Sparkline(s), Doing the Math, Adding Calculations, Troubleshooting Formulas, Creating a Table, Working with Data, Summarizing the Data with a PivotTable, Adding Slicers, and Working with Charts.
MC09: Creating and Presenting a Powerpoint Presentation - Know How to Create a Presentation, Format a Slide, Edit a Presentation, Reuse Slides, Insert a Table, Turn Text into SmartArt, Animate Items on a Slide, Add an Action to a Slide, Add and Edit Video, Add Sound to Your Slides, Set Slide Transitions, and Create a Photo Album. Explore Your Presentation Options, Recording a Narration, Timing a Presentation, Customizing the Presentation, Reviewing a Presentation, Creating Different Versions of a Slide Show, Printing Handouts, Running a Slide Show, Sharing a Presentation, Publishing Your Slides, Packaging Your Presentation, Creating Pictures of Your Slides, Saving Your Presentation as a Video, Broadcasting Your Presentation, and Changing Slide-Show Settings.
MC10: Working with Messages in Outlook and Organizing with Outlook - Know about Sending E-mail, Receiving and Reading E-mail, Replying to and Forwarding a Message, Staying in Touch with Outlook Social Connector, Sending or Receiving a File, Formatting E-mail Messages, Managing Messages with Quick Steps, Signing Your E-mail, Reading RSS Items, and Setting Up E-mail Accounts. Understand a Quick Look at Outlook's Organizing Abilities, Setting an Appointment, Keeping Track of Your Schedule, Sharing Calendars, Viewing Your Group's Schedule, Scheduling a Meeting, Managing Your Contacts, Keeping Track of Your Tasks, Assigning Tasks, Tacking up Notes, and Creating and E-mailing Contact Business Cards.
MC11: Creating a Publication in Publisher 2010 and Organizing Information in OneNote 2010 - Learn about Exploring the New Look of Publisher 2010, Starting with a Template, Creating a Publication from Scratch, Inserting and Modifying a Picture, Adding a Table, Repeating Objects on Every Page, Adding Building Blocks, Arranging Objects on the Page, Reusing Content, Checking Your Publication, Sending a Publication as E-mail, and Printing Your Publication. Know what's in OneNote, OneNote Basics, Creating a OneNote Notebook, Adding and Working with Sections, Inserting and Working with Notes Pages, Inking in OneNote, Adding Audio Notes, Grabbing Web Clippings, Sharing Notes in Word and PowerPoint, Saving Outlook Data to OneNote, and Working with Side Notes and Unfiled Notes.


MC12: Working in Access and Customizing and Securing Office - Understand what's in Access, Databases, Creating a Database from a Template, Using an Existing Database, Adding a Data Table, Adding and Changing Fields and Records, Adding Data to a Table, Adding Audio Notes, Defining Table Relationships, Creating a Form, Creating a Report from the Data, Querying Information from Your Data Tables, and Analyzing Data with a PivotChart. Learn about Customizing the Ribbon, Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, Customizing the Spelling and Grammar Checkers, Changing the Location and Type of Saved Files, Understanding Security in Office 2010, Changing File Validation, Choosing What's Displayed in Protected View, Password Protecting a File, Recovering Unsaved Versions of a File, Setting Auto-Recover Options, Signing a Document or Workbook with a Digital Signature, and Checking File Compatibility.


Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of using Microsoft Office. including all commands of each program in the package.
2. Understand how all the programs work and for what purpose.
3. Master using Excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint, and Word to make an income.


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
Plain Simple Microsoft Office
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arrow 100% Real Instructors
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