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Become a Certified Meditation Instructor

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Course Overview

Meditation is a three step process that leads to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. Who wouldn't want to teach others to bring onto themselves serenity, clarity, and bliss? We know we would, and you should too.


With this Meditation Instructor Course you can teach others to meditate and take the knowledge they've learned and pass it on to others who are interested in the topic as well.


So get started today, and become a Certified Meditation Instructor!


Course Syllabus

MM134: Healing with medical meditation - Introduces and describes medical meditation. Shows why it's important in our life and how it works. This module also contains chapter about healing the physical and ethereal bodies.
MM217: Scientific Research on Medical Meditation - Describe latest scientific research on Medical Meditation. Show influence of Medical Meditation on aging and growth. It also contains describes how to practice Medical Meditation, what is important during the meditation and how you can help yourself to prevent illnesses.
MM381: The healing elements of Medical Meditation - Explains importance of proper breathing during the Medical Mediation and learn how to practice it for yourself. Describe the physiology of breath and tells all about pranayama. You'll also learn many breathing exercises, including: the breath of fire, rhythmic breathing, the breath walk, the retained breath and so much more.
MM452: Posture and movement - Describe the meaning of our body. Shows what is important to do all yoga practices. Explains why flexibility and balance are important for us. Also shows how to practice the fundamental postures and movements
MM559: All about mantra - Describe all about Mantra. What is mantra, why it's important during meditation, mantras influence of body and mind. You'll learn basic mantras with instruction on how and when to use them.
MM618: Mental focus and Sadhana - Describe why mental focus is so important during medical meditation. Shows how we can practice to stay focused when we want. Explain what Sadhana is, why this is important and describe exercise to practice Sadhana.
MM744: Medical Meditation heals body, mind, and spirit. The Chakras and their dysfunctions - Describes examples of healing – practice and how to use Medical Meditation to heal ourself and others. Explain everything about chakras. Also describe most common dysfunctions of chakras and how you can recognize them.
MM805: The first, second and third chakra – the lower triangle - You will learn all about the first, second and third chakras. This includes the general and the physical characteristics of each of them, how to heal them, how to practice Medical Meditation connected with these chakras.
MM937: The fourth and fifth chakra - You will learn all about the fourth and fifth chakras. This includes the general and the physical characteristics of each of them, how to heal them, how to practice Medical Meditation connected with these chakras.
MM1026: The sixth, seventh and eighth chakras - You will learn all about the sixth, seventh and eighth chakras. This includes the general and the physical characteristics of each of them, how to heal them, how to practice Medical Meditation connected with these chakras.
MED107: The Practice of Meditation - Learn how to practice meditation on the breath, on the clarity and the continuity of mind. It describe all of these methods and shows what is important during each of them.
MED201: Analytical Meditations - Discover many types of meditation mind-sets that include emptiness, impermanence, karma, suffering and love, appreciating of human life. Learn how to deal with depression, anger and fear via meditation
MED323: Visualization Meditations - Learn how to practice different kind of visualization meditations. Body of light meditation, simple purification, meditation on tara and avalokiteshvara, and inner heat meditation
MED402: Mantras and other Devotional Practices - Learn mantras for the start and the conclusion of meditation session and understand madala, mantras for healing.
MED459: Chakras - Learn and understand methods for chakra alignment and chakra healing
MED654: The Body Positioning - Discover how to properly position yourself for various methods of meditation
MED834: Deep Meditation - Master deep meditation practises and techniques

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Teach others how to transform their lives through healing meditation and daily practice
2. Understand how to use meditation in everyday life
3. Master the latest meditation concepts
4.Help others to start enjoying life and how to get the most out of it by looking at the world from a different perspective.
5. Open your own online and local business
6. Outline and construct a course to fit the needs or wants of your audience.
7.Learn how to successfully council others and develope meditation plans based on a persons characteristics
8. Be able to clearly explain meditation concepts
9. Write articles and books
10. Teach others how to use the spiritual tools of Kabbalah
11. Understand the history and terminology
12. Learn how to successfully teach this course to those who are seeking to enright their lives though this ancient technology.



Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 60 Study Hours
Text Book
The Deeper Meditation Training Course, Oceanic Mind - Meditation as Medicine - Dharma Singh Khalsa MD and Cameron Stauth
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council