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Become a Certified Horse Trainer

This program will prepare you to enter into the animal behavior market place



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

Horse Training is an interesting task to have under your belt, and with this course you can learn all about how to teach others to train horses efficiently and successfully while also training yourself.


1.8 percent of households in the U.S. own horses, which gives leeway for you to become a certified Horse Trainer and obtain many students interested in equines or becoming certified in Horse Training.


This Horse Training Course opens a door for you to teach others in the ways of Horse Training and send them on the right path to success with the knowledge to train Horses and make a career out of it.


Course Syllabus

DH152: Understanding the Horse - Learn the emotional, mental and physical aspects of the horse, the emotional aspect, the mental aspect, the physical aspect, horse personalities, conditioned response, and ten secrets horse wants his owner to know.
DH221: Understanding Foundation Training - Know what is foundation training, working with pressure, incremental training, setting and raising standards, what is the natural horsemanship and how does it apply to foundation training, what is ultimate foundation training, and no magic gadgets: the role of equipment in horse training.
DH323: Ultimate Foundation Training - Learn the ultimate foundation exercise: the go- forward cue, the round pen, line work, leading manners and respecting space, emotional control and de-spooking, giving to the bit, moving the hips over, stopping, shoulder control, engagement, transitions, collection, training babies, foundation training and the foal, training a baby for veterinary ad farrier work, starting older horses.
DH458: It's Never, Ever the Horse's Fault - Know about buying the right horse, mental training for horsemanship, common problems and how to solve them with ultimate foundation training, and pullback problem. Know more about spooking, bolting, rearing, bucking, trailer loading, buddy sour, barn sour, cinchy, head tossing and pulling at the bit, stud chains and bigger bits, finding the right trainer, and building your dream horse.
HT103: Why Teach your Horse Tricks, All Work and No Play, Trust and Training with your Horse, and When to Train - Learn the alternative trick training for horses, bonding and relationship building with your horse, trust and problem solving with your horse, having fun with your horse, making life easier for you and your horse, bomb-proofing your horse, impressing and entertaining your friends with your trick training. Learn the importance of spending quality time with your horse, forming a really solid connection with your horse, teaching your horse anything that will benefit you both in the long run, trust, and consistency to be trustworthy to your horse. Understand the trick to trick training your horse, recommended period of time for horse training sessions, and some tips on trick training your horse.
HT274: Getting it Right and Getting it Wrong, Equipment, Rewards and Treats - Learn to reward your horse when he does something right, teach your horse a 'right' signal, and what to do if your horse is getting it wrong. Be acquainted with the trick training equipment for your horse, considerations to take when choosing trick training equipment for your horse, basic horse trick training equipment, treat pouch, halter and rope, and whip. Know the training treats for your horse, proper usage of treats for horse training, rules about feeding treats to your horse, and treats that are not recommended for horses.
DS119: Instincts That Influence Your Horse's Behavior, Your Horse's Vision, How to find your Horse's Comfort Zone and Teaching Your Horse Obedience - Identify the flight instinct, herd instinct, and "odd man out" instinct. Know the effect of color contrast to your horse and intensity of reaction to the contrast. Know the Horse's comfort zone, how to know where the comfort zone is, and how to quickly and easily find your horse's comfort zone. Learn about expanding your horse's comfort zone, using repetition, how his obedience level expands, and secrets of teaching your horse obedience.
DS206: How to Get Your Horse to Cross Over a Scary Object, Get him to Want to Do the Right Thing, Three Effective Ways to Get Your Horse Doing What You Ask and Six Safety Tips You Must Know - Learn to pet your horse, when people get mad at their horse, building your horse's confidence, and crossing the ditch. Understand how to use reward and punishment or consequence, use "going' to work", when your horse is slow, ways to reward a horse, and what's magnetizing to a horse. Learn what to do when your dog is misbehaving, redirecting your horse's attention on something else, letting your horse move, and changing the direction you go toward the object. Learn about being distant enough from your horse, not getting tangled in the lead rope of your horse, not wrapping any rope around any of your body parts, walking backward when walking your horse, asking your horse to walk over the object where he should jump forward, being on the same side of the horse where the object is, and stepping to the side when your horse gets excited and comes at you.
DS390: How to get your horse to cross over spooky things, How to make Your Horse more and more Spook- Proof, Your Horse's Bad Habits and What To Do About them - Learn how to make your horse get bored on the scary object, make your horse try the scary object, make him follow another horse, make him follow you, have him moving forward, make him cross his legs, and have someone get behind him with a whip. Understand the repetition, poling exercise, and website for Jesse Beery horse training manual. Know the unpleasant stuff with horses, questions you must answer in bomb-proofing system with horses, rearing, the way to stop the horse rearing, how to reverse the problem of horse backing away from something, horse bucking, and how to "switch off" bucking.
DS421: Killer Bomb Proof Methods, What to Do If Your Horse Doesn't Want to Move, What to do when horse won't budge when trying to Cross an Object and what a Good Horse Should Know - Distinguish the bomb proofing methods for your horse, and what to use in bomb-proofing. Learn to pony your horse across the obstacle, the safest method for the rider leading the horse, use one of your horse's natural instincts, and using the herd instinct. Teach your horse how to cross water, tolerate loud noises, deal with foreign odors, behave riding amongst other horses, deal with different environments, and be comfortable around traffic.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Master the latest techniques in horse training
2. Work with all Breeds
3. Teach horse obedience
4.Psychologically understand the working mind of a horse
5. Help owners understand and correct behavior problems
6. Outline and construct individual training programs based on a horse's individual characteristics
7. Teach fun horse tricks owners will love
8. Teach owners how to properly take care of their horses in all weather conditions
9. Help horse owners maintain proper training
10. Evaluate horses and create specific lesson plans based on the owners requests.
11.Teach horse owners how to properly take care of their animal's health and according to the type of breed
12. Successfully own and operate your own horse training business or work with pet stores, animal societies and much more.
13. Write books or articles on horse training for profit
14. Own or operate an animal behavior clinic and teach other trainers how to run their own successful horse training company.


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
Building Your Dream Horse: Charles Wilhelm's Ultimate Foundation Training - Horse Trick Training by Jane Brand - How To De Spook And Bombproof Your Horse - Overcoming The Shying and Fearful Horse And Making Him Safe To Ride! - by Charlie Hicks
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council