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Become a Certified Home Security Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter into the Home Security market place



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

This course will allow you to help home owners design Security systems and checklists to quickly point out often overlooked home security weaknesses in a typical residence. You will learn how most security measures carry benefits, a cost, and drawbacks and how these three factors must be evaluated in creating a package of security measures that fit your client's specific needs and financial situation.


Learn about alarm and surveillance systems and key factors to consider before implementing or purchasing home security surveillance equipment. Security basics, door security, window security, garage security, security light planning, home safes, locks, sheds and exterior property, alarms, simple safe rooms, and many more topics are covered.


This course focuses on efficient and affordable physical and behavioral steps to reduce the chances of an illegal entry into your client's home or apartment.


Course Syllabus

HP10: Home Security Approach - Learn and explore about unpleasant realities, a personal crime story, bad luck or inadequate security measures, security apathy, fighting complacency, security: how much is enough, reality check: assessing geographic risk, take stock and protect what's important.
HP201: Home Security Checklists and Enacting the Checklists - Learn how to identify the goals, make it harder, make it riskier, make it less rewarding, provide early warning, and the essential Home Security Checklist. Know more about prioritizing security measures, maintaining perspective and focus
HP323: Exterior Doors - Understand the door construction and material, exterior door locks, double-cylinder dead bolts: Special Considerations, Strike plate security, hinges, and adjacent windows. Explore peepholes and door braces, sliding glass doors – issues and solutions, hidden keys, second story doors, chain locks and bar guards, securing garage, basement, and attic entries.
HP402: Windows - Study the window types, securing windows, alarm monitoring benefits/limitations, keyed sash locks, and pinning windows. Understand the shrew-down and friction locks, mechanical casement cranks, jalousie windows, glass security, security screens and burglar bars, more on windows and fire security, basement, garage, and second story windows.
HP523: Garage and Yard - Know the garage locks, garage remote controls, garage alarms, garage door closing systems, garage clutter, shed and tool security, fences, gates, and patios.
HP654: Alarm Systems - Study the overview and benefits, alarm system basics, keypad considerations, sensors types and applications. Know the shopping and evaluating systems, and alarm purchasing checklist.
HP768: Exterior Visibility and Security Surveillance - Examine the property review, landscaping, outdoor objects, mirrors and markers. Know the benefits and costs, system components and considerations.
HP821: Home Security Environments - Be informed about reaching out: community security, neighborhood watch programs, looking lived-in: mail, vehicles and more, a list for neighbors or friends, a list for you, interior Lighting and sound.
HP910: Protecting Valuables - Know the safety deposit boxes vs. home safes, what to secure and where, types of home safes, wall mounted safes, floor mounted safes, and in-floor safes. Enhance your knowledge about the simple panic or safe room setup, property identification, record keeping, marking property, interior visibility, basic precautions, drape and shade considerations, and reflective window films.
HP145: The Internet and Home Security - Study the Web Insecurity, Information access: your life on the web, personal profiles, privacy settings, photo concerns, children and the web.
HP155: Outside the Home and the Security of Dogs and Firearms - Learn the key security away from home, verbal advertising, windows of opportunity, and arriving home. Know about security dogs: considerations and concerns, firearms, the Law & you, and course conclusion.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Understand Home Security and how to make proper recommendations to your clients
2. Learn how to teach home security to families
3. Master alarm and surveillance system basics so you can properly asses your client's needs.
4.Understand what it takes to keep families safe and secure so they can live with a piece of mind
5. Be able to classify serial criminals' typologies
6. Outline and construct home security plans
7. Be able to successfully teach this course

Course Details

Estimated time to complete
3 Days or 15 Study Hours
Text Book
Essential Home Security - Stan Wasilik
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council