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Become a Home Distiller Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter into the Home Distilling Market.



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

Become a Home Distiller

Teach Still Building

Open Your Own Distillery

Get Paid to Write Articles

Create Your Own Spirits

Hold Home Distilling Clinics

and much more...


Course Overview


Home Distillation has been around for hundreds of years, and what is thought to be tedious is indeed a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


With this Home Distiller Instructor Course you can learn how to teach others to distill at home, or learn how to distill at home for your own enjoyment.


Begin this course today, and start training others or yourself to be a Home Distiller Instructor.


Course Syllabus

HD192: Introduction / The Kentucky Connection - Find out more about Cincinnati, author's relevant experiences in Kentucky with his friends when he was 17 years old, Pot Still, Sr. the Moonshiner, moon-shining, Victor aka the "Rum Doctor"
HD231: Distilling Fundamentals - Become familiar with misconceptions about Distilling, distillation or distilling, three stages or phases of Distilling alcohol, fermenting or fermentation, and Aging or Polishing. Know more about ethanol and methanol, four items in fermenting process, "Turbo Yeast", steps to run your Still, and Angels' Share
HD304: Concepts and Practices - Become acquainted with Pot Still, Fractional or Column Still, Sour Mash, steam distilling, and the break over point in distilling. Know more about the "plate" concept, Lyne Arm, Thumper, Slobber box, Reflux Still, Pan Still, and Freeze Distillation
HD470: Setting up your First Still -Find out more about the tea pot still, considerations in setting up your Still, Ventilation, Condenser, and Water Jackets. Learn the distilling and fermenting equipment, shopping list and other components needed in distilling, thermometers and hydrometers for distilling, and fermenters.
HD523: Fact, Myths and Things You Need to Know - Explore the laws regarding operating a still, three assumptions in operating a still, and risks to distillers (fire, blindness, heads or tails).
HD612: Recipes - Learn how to make whiskeys, Bourbon Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Rye Malt Whiskey, Malt Whiskey, Wheat Whiskey, Moonshine, Mountain Dew, White Lightning, Blue Moon Shine, King's Creek Bourbon, Rye Neck Whiskey, and Tennessee. Explore the Scotch Whiskey, Kincaid's Tartan, Irish Whiskey, Dagda's Flask, Canadian Whiskey, Vodkas, Swedish-Blonde, Finnish Dancing Reindeer, Russian Baba Yaga's Elixer of Youth, Californian PRC Approved (New), Mumbai Ruby, Gin Thumper, Rum, styles of rum (silver, gold, dark, high proof, spiced, and flavored rum), Red Beard's, Mezcal/Tequila, and Baja Jack's.
HD745: Making Your First Batch, Final Words and FAQs - Discover moonshining 101, the items and recipe for corn whiskey, cooking the mash, the advanced tips for corn whiskey, boiling chips, blending, charcoal and wood flavoring, oaking, and the hangover.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of Home Distillation and its origin.
2. Understand what is needed to Home Distill.
3. Master the art of Home Distillation and sell your products to earn an income.
4.Teach others how to Distill at home and make a profit from their products.


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
The Home Distiller's Workbook - Jeff King
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council