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Become a Certified Obedience Dog Trainer

This program will prepare you to be a Certified Animal Behaviorist



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Course Overview

If you love training dogs, then this program is for you. This course will fully prepare you to enter into the workplace as a certified dog trainer.


With over 78.2 million dogs owned in the United States alone, you can't go wrong with this course. We guarantee you will have a steady stream of clients.


This course will provide you with everything you need to successfully open your own dog training business or to obtain employment as a certified dog trainer.


Course Syllabus

DO18: The Right Dog for You - Learn what dogs want you to know, the dog's motto, vital considerations in choosing your dog, where to get your dog, the problem with Pet Stores, adopting the Special-needs or Geriatric Dog, selecting the Adolescent or Adult Dog, and what to do before you bring your new dog home.
DO203: Starting out on the Right Paw - Learn how dogs deal with their past, tools to keep your dog under control and safe, aversive and deterrents for misbehavior, indoor and outdoor containment, introducing your new dog to the family, introduction to other pets, laying down the rules, deterring misbehavior, the Four Keys to a Great Dog.
DO341: The Leader of the Pack - Know about the leadership for your dogs, a shy dog's dream, the pushy or demanding dog, who controls the "good stuff", love of dogs and love for dogs, helping dogs become reliable, and the foundation for training dogs.
DO402: Managing your dog for success - Learn about controlling, supervising, and listening to your dog, puppy proofing, creative job hunting for your dog, proactive management and training for your dog, and helping your dog avoid boredom.
DO523: Ready, Set, Train! - Study how your dog learns, the training process, Punishment and Reinforcement, and using and establishing primary and conditioned reinforcers. In addition, learn getting the behavior you want on command, getting your dog to perform the behavior, using treats effectively, schedules of reinforcement, and how to use corrections fairly.
DO607: Socializing Your Dog - Learn your dog's critical times for Socialization, developmental stages, and critical periods. Know your dog socializing with people, Juvenile, Adolescent, Dogs, Puppy, and other animals. Understand your dog when accepting new experiences and sounds, socialization cautions, and dogs' behavioral issues.
DO748: Housebreaking - Learn about housebreaking the puppy, a sample schedule for puppies under six months, adolescent/adult dog schedule, supervision and confinement, and teaching elimination command. Learn what to do when accidents happen, how to tell something is wrong, what to do if your dog is a submissive wetter, and housebreaking adult dogs.
DO821: Chewing, Mouthing, and Play-biting - Learn about preventing property damage from puppy chewing, adolescent dog chewing, interruption and redirection of your dog's chewing, suitable chewing items for your dog, and what to do when your dog mouths or play-bites.
DO910: Jumping Up - Understand and learn why dogs jump, controlling jumping while training, outdoor strategies, when jumping turns into humping, effective corrections, and setting up training opportunities for your dog.
DO1006: The Positions: Sit, Down, and Stand - Understand luring, weaning off the treats, compulsion, stimulus control, visual cues and verbal commands, what to do if your dog doesn't know "sit" from "down", and building duration.
DO1123: The Recall: Teaching Your Dog to Come - Know the foundation for the recall, adding commands, setting your dog up for success, teaching a reliable recall, body language, using distractions to your advantage, how to teach your dog not to come, when to change commands, and what to do in an emergency.
DO1217: Leash Walking - Know how your relationship affects leash walking, collars, leashes, harnesses, a foundational game for Leash walking, teaching your dog to go your way, walking with a regular leash, and teaching your dog the heeling position.
DO1384: The Wait Command - Learn about introducing the concept of waiting, waiting as a leadership tool, helping your dog control his impulses, using wait to create a habit of politeness, using wait to keep your dog safe, and using wait to help dogs learn responsibility.
DO1429: The Fine Art of "Stay!" - Know about the difference between wait and stay, the release command, the stay command, Self-control Sit-stay, Self-control Down and Stand-stays, helping your dog understand stay, and challenging your dog with the 3 D's.
DO1551: Settle or Go to Bed Command - Learn the use of settle, the settle spots, teaching the settle command, teaching your dog to find the settle spot, using tethers to help enforce the settle, and using settle in the real world.
DO1603: Your Dog can't always have what he wants - Explore the "leave it" command, using life's rewards, using "leave it" to stop car chasing, using "leave it" to reduce dog aggression, building a habit, the object exchange to drop it, drop it on command, and speed training for "drop it" command.
DO1738: Kids and Dogs - Learn the rules for under six-year old kids, teaching kids how to behave with dogs, teaching kids to control themselves, the do's and don'ts for kids associating with dogs, respecting the dog's space, leadership and kids, helping kids get leadership, fun stuff kids can do with dogs, unattended dogs, and bringing home infants and dogs.
DO1822: Games Dogs Play - Learn about controlling the games and controlling the dog, starting and ending the game with your dog, playing by the rules, making the rules, sticking by the rules, examples of games played by dogs, physical and mental games for dogs, your dog playing with other dogs, and how dogs interact with each other.
DO1906: Fun Stuff to do with your Dog - Know more about training classes, choosing a training center, traveling safely with your dog, Pet-friendly destinations, Pet-assisted Therapy, finding out what your dog was bred to do, and trick training.
DO2014: Dogs will be Dogs: A Troubleshooting Guide - Know what to do about good dogs who act bad, trash raiding, counter surfer, excessive barking, meaningful corrections, treating and preventing separation anxiety, and easing the pain of Thunderstorm/fireworks phobia.
DO2109: Special Dogs and Special Issues - Know how to deal with single and multiple dogs, a disabled dog, and shy or fearful dog. Learn what you can do to help your dog, Desensitization and Counterconditioning, Breed-specific considerations, Breed tendencies and individual personalities, Dog aggression, shaping positive behavior patterns, and dealing with dog bites and liability issues.
DO2276: Your Healthy, Happy Dogs - Learn about veterinary care, routine care, when to seek emergency care, alternative medicine and therapies for your dog, vaccinations, the booster-shot dilemma, rabies, the internal and external parasites of dogs, the dog's nutrition, grooming, boarding, doggie day care, and pet sitters.
CT134: Identifying what a clicker is and how it works. How this tool effects your canine and how to use it while training. How to use vocal tones and visual cues while training with the clicker - This module will help you to understand when is appropriate to use a clicker in your canine's everyday activities. You will learn how to use the clicker, vocal tones, and visual cues not only for obedience and problem solving, but also for teaching your canine performance patterns. It will help you to understand how to help your canine figure out the appropriate behavior for a reward.
CT205: Learning to familiarize the dog to the clicker sound, teach him that a reward is coming. Teaching a dog to target your hand or target stick - This module will help you to get your dog accustom to the sound of the clicker and to make them understand that the sound is followed with a reward. You will also learn how to teach your dog to target your hand or target stick. You will also learn to shape their behavior and the proper collars for the proper training.
CT358: How to train basic behaviors. How to teach stationary and motion behaviors - This module will help you to train your dog basic behaviors such as sit, down, stand, and stay. It will also help you to teach your dog stationary behaviors, which are the first baby steps. Then, to advance to motion behaviors which become a little more complex.
CT412: Begin training with distractions. What you should use to distract the canine and when. Learning how to distraction proof with a harness - You will begin to train your canine to listen to your commands while there are distractions going on around them. You will learn what to use in distracting your canine level by level, step by step. Also you will learn how to get rid of certain tools or collars and still have your canine respond to your command.
CT533: How to determine the difference in barks. How to keep your dog from jumping up on you or anyone else. How the behaviors correspond to the training - In this module you will learn the difference between territorial barking, attention seeking barking, and play barking this will help you to understand the language your dog is speaking to you. You will also learn how to train your pooch to not jump on you or anyone else that may be around.
CT609: How to train your dog to follow commands off the leash. How to get your dog to listen to your commands even in an environment with multiple distractions - In this module you will learn how to train your dog to follow commands even without the leash. You will also learn how to keep your dog's attention with multiple distractions. You will also learn the drop leash technique.
CT790: You will learn how to train basic tricks, how to have fun with toys, and how to open and close doors - In this module you will learn how to train your dog basic tricks such as shake, wave, roll over, and speak. You will also learn how to have fun with toys, such as fetching. You'll then learn how to teach your dog to open and close doors.
CT817: You will learn Calming signals. The different types of aggression that may occur. Their pain thresholds and Social Dominance - In this module you will learn calming signals for your dog, you will also learn all the different types of aggression such as Fear and Redirected aggression. As well as their social dominance and their pain threshold.
CT952: How to train two dogs at once. How to train them to do tricks together - This module will teach you how to train two dogs at once. You will also learn to teach them do tricks like come, twirl, and jump over.
CT1008: Which classes are best for your canine? How clicker training can be a fun way to show off your canine's beauty, brains, and talent - This module will teach you what classes are best for you to show off specific traits you're proud of in your dog. It will also teach you how clicker training comes in handy for just about anything.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Master the latest techniques in dog training
2. Work with all Breeds
3. Teach Dog Obedience
4.Psychologically understand the working mind of dogs
5. Help owners understand and correct behavior problems
6. Outline and construct individual god training programs based on a dogs individual characteristics
7. Teach dogs fun tricks owners will love
8. Teach owners how to properly take care of their dogs
9. Help dog owners train their dogs from puppy to adult
10. Evaluate dogs and create specific lesson plans based on the owners requests.
11.Teach Dog owners how to properly take care of their animal and according to the type of breed
12. Successfully own and operate your own dog training business or work with pet stores, animal societies and much more.
13. Write books or articles on dog training for profit
14. Own or operate an animal behavior clinic and teach other trainers how to run their own successful dog training company.


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
The Everything Dog Obedience Book Click & Easy: Clicker Training for Dogs


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arrow 100% Real Instructors
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