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Become a Certified Deer Hunting Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter the workplace as a Deer Hunting Instructor



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview

Over 10 million people go hunting each year and every year 10s of thousands of deer hunters enter into the woods hoping to harvest a record breaking deer! This is your chance to give your students the best possible chance of doing just that!

So, If you have a passion for deer hunting, and enjoy teaching others the ways of the game, then this course is a no brainer.

Start teaching the art of deer hunting today! We guarantee this course will be a profitable and rewarding venture for you!


Course Syllabus

DH01: Introducing the ways of the White tail hunter - This Module will teach you where is good to hunt; what weapons can be used where and when, understanding the ways of the White-tailed deer.
DH02: Equipment for White Tail hunting - Learn about rifles and ammunition, sights and fits, actions, blinds and stands.
DH03: Preparing for the hunt - Discover how to prepare for a hunt, gathering information, and scouting.
DH04: Hunting Techniques - Learn what stands are good for you and the hunt, how to tell where bucks have roamed by hoof prints and scraping.
DH05: Regional Differences - Explore the differences in regions such as deer population, weather, and more.
DH06: After the hunt - In this module you will learn how to go about finishing your hunt, such as skinning and making your game a trophy.
HT133: Fundamentals - Early-Season Scouting, Locating Racked Bucks, Secret Buck Hideouts, The Perfect Tree Stand, Tree Stand Tips for Bow hunters, Tree Stand Tips for Firearm Hunters, Scent Control, Trail Cameras, Keeping Deer from Pegging You
HT209: Strategies - The Pre-Rut, Calling Strategies, How to Become a Dead Shot with Bow & Arrow, How to Become a Dead Shot with Firearms, Secret Buck Trails
HT385: The Peak of the Rut - Locating Nocturnal Bucks, The Doe Factor, Wearing Blaze Orange Effectively, Still-Hunting, Snow-Tracking Mature Bucks, On the Water
HT426: The Late Season - Keeping Warm, Hunting Bucks in the Snow, Post-Season Scouting
BD126: The Selective Deer Hunter - Learn about judging tender deer, avoiding stressed animals, components that go into the quality of any game animal, and more about fawns.
BD277: Practical Tips on Shooting Your Deer - Be acquainted the shooting ethics, aiming points, and when to shoot the deer.
BD354: Field Dressing Your Deer - Explore the various equipment items on handling your game meat, field dressing myths, easy field-dressing procedure, and final chores.
BD486: Bringing Your Deer Out - Know the sensible methods or techniques that work, better ideas about deer, making hard work easy, horse-packing your deer, getting a Faux horse or mule, and backpacking your deer.
BD551: Camp Care of Deer Meat - Know to be skilled in hanging your deer, the initial meat-care procedure, and protecting your deer carcass.
BD692: Getting Your Deer Home - Learn more about transporting deer short distances, camp butchering the primal cuts, full butchering in camp, and other transportation methods.
BD726: Home Care of Deer and Aging Your Venison - Getting used to hanging your deer again, aging venison, and removing the hide.
BD880: Preparing to Butcher Your Deer - Gain knowledge of getting your work area ready, cutting tools that get the job done, and tricks of the trade.
BD905: Butchering the Front Legs - Understand some words about fat, learn how to cut the meat, blade and arm roasts, rolled shoulder roasts, and final words about shoulder roasts.
BD1022: Butchering the Hind Legs - Be familiar with on back at the cutting table again, cutting the steaks and roasts, the sirloin tip, larding and barding.
BD1187: Butchering Loins and Ribs - Recognize the tenderest cuts of venison a deer possesses, removing the blackstrap intact, and final meat-cutting tasks.
BD1243: How to Grind Burger - Learn the meat-grinding equipment for you, and grinding the venison.
BD1396: How to Grind Bulk Sausage and Make Links - Know the needed equipment, bulk sausage, stuffing sausage links and rings, and a few words on smoking.
BD1460: Freezing and Defrosting Venison - Explore the refrigerator storage of venison, refrigerator storage, best freezer wrapping materials, and freezing your venison. Learn the freezer storage time, vacuum packing, and how to defrost venison.
BD1541: Meat-Tenderizing Techniques - Be familiar with the characteristics of venison, the wonderful world of marinades, and meat-tenderizing salts.
BD1608: Steaks, Chops, and Roasts to Brag About - Learn more about roasting, broiling, sautéed steaks or chops, and spicy deer steaks marinade. Learn also recipes such as Georgia-style steaks, Venison Teriyaki, High-Country Buttermilk Venison, Pepper Steak, Kate's Venison Cutlets, Cracker-Fried, Sirloin Tip Roast, Iron Range Venison Roast, and Steak Sandwiches.
BD1725: Terrific Pot Roasts and Braised Venison - Be acquainted with the five-minute Pot Roast, German Pot Roast, Pot Roast Elegante, Pot Roast Italiano, Hungarian Pot Roast, All-in-One Pot Roast, Creamed Sirloin Tips, Venison Scaloppini, Venison Swiss Steak, and Barbecued Round Steak.
BD1813: Sumptuous Soups, Stews, and Casseroles - Learn new recipes such as Stormy Weather Soup, Venison Minestrone, Savory Bean Soup, Venison Cider Stew, Venison-Mushroom Stew, Winder Day Stew, Deer-Me Casserole, Venison Stroganoff, West Texas Venison Casserole, Cheddar-Noodle Casserole, and Hunter's Favorite Pie.
BD1986: What to Do with All That Burger and Sausage - Try the Venison Burgers Al Fresco, Venison Meatloaf, Deer burger Chili, Venison Meatballs, Noodles, and Gravy, Venison Goulash, and Chicago. Learn as well the favorite ways to cook sausage, sausage supreme, Country Casserole, Espagnole, and Venison Ragout.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Become a Master Deer Hunter and Deer Expert from A to Z
2. Understand the latest hunting techniques and how to properly teach them
3. Master the latest scientific hunting principles that are proven to successfully harvest record breaking deer every season.
4.Learn how to properly teach various skinning, butchering, and packaging methods as well as delicious venison recipes.
5. Be able to classify all deer signs and identify the proper procedures for setting up the best hunt during all phases of the season.
6. Outline and construct a deer hunting class regardless of the geographical location your students are located in.
7. Be able to successfully teach this course


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book

White Tail Hunting

500 Deer Hunting Tips

Butchering Deer


Instructor: Beka Garris WildernessBabe

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