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Candle Making Instructor

This program will prepare you to enter into the Candle Making Market Place.



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

Become a Candle Maker

Teach to Hobbyists

Teach Adults and Children

Hold Candle Making Clinics

Make Your Own Candles

Get Paid to Write Articles

and much more...


Course Overview

With tens of thousands of people interested in creating their own top notch candles, this course is a sure fire way to begin profiting from a hobby that you enjoy.


This Candle Making Instructor Course will allow you to successfully learn how to create and teach others to make their own candles right at home.


If candle making is a hobby that you might be interested in,

then take this Candle Making Instructor Course today!


Course Syllabus

CM109: The History of Candlemaking - Renaissance. The Earliest Traces of Candle Candlelight, Who Made the First Candle, The Development of Rushlights, Nothing New under the Sun, The Advent of Modern Candlemaking, Candle Streetlights, The First Candle Molds, All the World's a Stage, Fire Without Matches, Revolutionary Developments, Illuminating Gas, From Past to Present
CM201: Candles in the New World - The Colonial Period, Burn That Fat, Superior Spermaceti, Pioneer Candlemaking, Wick Development, Introduction of Stearin, Made in the U.S.A, A Flip of the Switch, A Modern Romance, Candlemaking As a Natural Art

CM323: Candlemaking as a Sacred Art - Marvelous Mythology, Candles in

Christianity, Jewish Candle Symbolism, Let There Be Light, Sacred Candlelight, Making Candle Magic, Everyday Rituals,Candle-Gazing Meditation, Ritual Candle Sets As Gifts, Mind-Calming Visualization with Candles, Healing with Candles

CM402: Candles—All You Need to Know - Candle Industry Facts, Industry Directory Available, The Lost Art of Burning Candles Properly, How to Put Candles Out Correctly, Storing Candles, Basic Methods, Candle Shapes, The Significance of Candle Colors, Keep a Notebook
CM523: How to Get Started - Candle Terminology, Wax 101, Minding Your Beeswax, All about Paraffin, Suppliers, Recycle Your Wax, Wicks, Wick Priming, Burn Rate, How to Avoid the Draft, Fire Retardant Is Better, Candlemaking Equipment, Miscellaneous Equipment, Safety First, A Clean Workplace Is a Safe Workplace, The Do's and Don'ts of Candlemaking, What to Wear
CM654: Handmade Rolled and Poured Candles - Roll Your Own, Making Your Own Wax Sheets, Start Rolling, How to Make a Diagonal Rolled Candle, Making a Square-Shaped Rolled Candle, Homemade Birthday Candles, May I Pour You a Candle, Advantages of Additives for Paraffin Wax, Stirring the Pot, Making Container Candles, Selecting Containers, How to Make a Container Candle, Making a Candle of Many Colors
CM768: Molded Candles - Using Disposable Molds, Molds, Molds, Molds, Molding Terminology, Molded Candle Basics, The Molding Process, Finishing the Candle, Automatic Wicking, Technical Assistance Online, The Craft of Moldmaking, Moldmaking Step by Step, Two-Piece Moldmaking, Making a Latex Mold: A Step-by-Step Guide, Complex Molded Shapes, Plaster Bandage Molds
CM821: Dipped Candles - Dip Your Wick, The Skinny on Dipping, Take the Plunge, Troubleshooting, Dipping in Quantity, Dipping for Kids 101, Candle-Burning Safety, Good News about Wax Removal, Create a Pure Beeswax Dipped Candle, Overdipping: Another Kind of Dip, Method for Overdipping Candles
CM910: Introducing Unusual Candles - A Most Unusual Candle, Creative Contemporary, Candlemaking, Danish Tapers, Cutout Tapers, Birthday Candles, Making Wax Matches, Making Glow-Through Candles, Hand-Molded Candles, Unusual Rolled Beeswax Candles, Beaded Candles, Surface Mottling, Unusual Molds, Unusual Candles Made with Large Molds, Multiwick Candles, Dripped Dipped Candles

CM1045: Shape, Color, and Fragrance - Infinite Variety, Blending Waxes for

Molding, Basically Interesting, Identical Twins, Improvise, Using Color and Fragrance, Delightful Shades, Colorants at Home, Mix and Match, Blending Basic Colors, Making Sense of Scents, All About Essential Oils, Herbal Scents.

CM1120: Advanced Creative Methods -Making Braided Tapers, Twisted Tapers, Winding Waxed Wicks, Making Spiraled Tapers, Advanced Creative Techniques with Color
CM1232: Holidays and Special Occasions - Gift-Giving, Yule Rules, Hearts and Candles, Spring, The Fourth of July, Halloween Candles, Making Candles for Thanksgiving, New Baby, Romantic Weddings, Birthdays, Candle Centerpieces for Special Occasions
CM1348: Surface Techniques for Decorating Candles - Candle-Painting, Stenciling Candles, Other Surface Decorations, Making Textured Candles, Adding Texture to Finished Candles, Carved Candles, Surface Decorating Methods, Mixing Methods
CM1461: Appliquéd and Inlaid Candles - Using Pressed Flowers and Grasses, Wax Appliqué Method, Waxing Real Flowers, Openwork Appliqué, Inlays, Inlay with Dried Fruits
CM1512: Making Decorative Shapes with Molds - Build It Yourself, Copycat Molds, Casting Candles, Casting Sand Candles
CM1637: Decorative Candleholders and Containers - Candleholders Galore, Shimmering Glassware, Wax Will Bowl You Over, Nature's Bounty, Punched-Tin Holders, Potted Candles
CM1768: Novelty Candles - The Novelty Challenge, Floating Candles, Making Floating, Flowers, By the Beautiful Sea, Whipped Wax

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Gain the knowledge of candle making and its origin
2. Understand the time and ingredients required for candle making.
3. Teach others the art of candle making.
4.Sell your candle products for profit.


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
The Everything Candle Making book
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arrow 100% Real Instructors
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