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Become a Certified Baseball Coach

This program will prepare you to work as a Baseball Coach



This course is accredited by the National Education Council. Enroll today and start your new career!

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Course Overview


Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and has been for many decades. If you have a passion for baseball and enjoy coaching then this course if for you.


This course will provide you with everything you need to successfully lead any team to victory via the proper fundamentals, plays, proper coaching techniques and much more.


Don't Strike Out...Take this Baseball Coach Course Now!


Course Syllabus

BD127: Effective Applications - Learn how to incorporate Drills into Practices, how to correctly perform and conduct Drills, Making Drills Game like
BD231: Physical Training - Incorporate Conditioning and Warm-up Drills into your practices
BD389: Fundamental Skills - Learn and teach Catching Drills, Throwing Drills, Sliding Drills
BD456: Offensive Skills - Discover drills to strengthen your team's offense, including Hitting Drills, Bunting Drills and Base-Running Drills
BD570: Defensive Skills - Help refine your team's defense with Infield Drills, Outfield Drills, Catcher Drills, Pitcher Drills
BD614: Team Tactics - Develop your team as a whole with Offensive Team Drills, Defensive Team Drills and Game-Situation Drills
YB138: The Meaning of Winning - Learn about baseball coaches, the two coaching archetypes, and the qualities of a good youth baseball coach. Know the difference between Baseball and Youth Baseball, how to deal with the team, the respect for the coach and players, and the skills needed in baseball.
YB242: Drafting Your Players (and their Parents) - Know the rankings of players, the essential considerations in choosing players, how to deal with your players' parents, and the order in drafting players. Learn the ways to start building up your team, how to deal with unsuccessful draft, and how to draft the least talented players on your team.
YB315: Running Your Practices - Learn the useful tools for effective leadership, the running practices, and teaching your players to play every position. Know more about practice stations, how to deal with "poor" behavior by a player, and what to do at the end of practice.
YB478: How to Run the Bases Like a Pro - Find out what should the first-base coach do, how to teach players to drop, and what should the runner do. Know the aggressive base running, the basic base running rules, about taking a lead, runners on second base, stealing, sliding, and tagging up.
YB589: Learning how to hit the ball well - Become skilled at the batting practice, hitting, choosing the right bat, preparing to hit, proper grip, and aligning the batter in the batter's box. Learn the stance, the load, swinging the bat, striding, the stride, young player's swing, the swing through the zone, squashing the bug, the bunting, hitting drills, and the mind of a successful hitter.
YB673: Offensive Strategies - Acknowledge the particular aspects unique to youth baseball, structuring your batting order, and merit system. Learn the use of signs, training players in the art of situational hitting, teaching your players in taking efficient leads on fly ball hills, practicing into a rundown, and spirited bench.
YB704: Throwing and Pitching with Guts - Learn about the defensive parts of baseball, throwing off the wrong foot, the correct throwing motion, throwing a ball, a good drill for young throwers, effective pitching, the pitching windup, and the six key steps to the windup. Understand the stretch, gripping the pitches, the four-seam grip, two-seam fastball, and three-finger changeup, three pitches, covering first base and home, and pickoffs.
YB811: Teaching Children to Catch and Field - Explore the fielding groundballs, "alligator hands", execution of the throw, T position, proper throw and release, keys to fielding groundballs, and drills for young fielders. Be knowledgeable on catching balls in the air, standard catch, instructions for outfielders, the ready position, instructions for first basemen, and preparation for a play at the plate.
YB938: Defensive Strategies - Learn how to teach your players to get the sure out, drill your fielders with the right idea about throwing the runner out and fielding the hit ball, about double steals, and how to deal with outfielders who aren't good baseball players yet. Know how to throw out a runner attempting to steal home, what to do when both infield and outfield should play in, about rundown, and what to do with a struggling pitcher.
YB1066: Nurturing the Bottom of Your Lineup - Learn how to deal with kids who are not good baseball players, how to give your worst players an identity, and about playing time. Know how to give players at the bottom of your order appropriate expectations, and how to contribute to the child's emotional development.
YB1132: How to Communicate with Bad Umpires and Zealous Parents - Know how to deal with bad umpires, stereotypical Billy Martin, and the key over bad umpiring. Recognize the importance of respecting umpires, good relationship between your catcher and the umpire, and recording the stats for the players.
YB1259: Twelve-Plus ways to have Fun on a Baseball Field - Start to learn and develop the around-the-Horn drill, lacrosse stick drill, don't make me move drill, bottle-cap drill, base running relays, five-on-five, situational running/fielding drills, rundown, Tomahawk and power-hand drills, under the bridge tag, fake-out, big fat ball drill, and Gatorade bath.
BCM165: Over-Coaching - Understand the effect of constant reinforcing of things done wrong, how to get the players to excel, realize that you're wrong, the coaches as supervisors, and showing your players how to do it.
BCM204: The Parents - Learn how to deal with the players' parents, listening to the coach and to the player, and what to do when the pitcher is flailing around on the mound.
BCM338: Team Unity - Know how to deal with the things that ruin a team, and with players of worst attitudes. Understand the importance of team meeting, and managing the errors.
BCM412: Practice - See an overview of how to conduct a regular practice and gain knowledge of how to keep your players excited and interested in playing the game.
BCM565: Catchers and Batters - Understand what the catchers know and do in the actual game, realize the significance of teaching your catcher to talk with the pitchers, and consider the impact of a catcher in the team. Understand the job of the batters.
BCM671: Drills - Learn the mechanics of throwing, back-up/throwing/warm-up, and three-man catch.
BCM732: Batting - Know the good and bad batting practices, and what to do if a batter is having a difficult time at the plate. Be knowledgeable about bunting, and fixing a strike-out problem.
BCM893: Outfielding and Infielding - Learn the pressure of being an outfielder, the difference that one hit can make in winning, what outfielders should know, and effective practice for outfielders. Find out how beneficial it is to be proficient in the throwing drills to be proficient in the infield.
BCM944: The Run-down - Start to apply the drills for rundown, and the key to rundown.
BCM1047: Base-Running and Stealing - Learn how to make sure the umpire has called time, leading off the base, making use of the fastest players and the not speediest players, drills for base-running and stealing, freezing on the base path, and how to make runners aware of what is going on at all times in the field.
BCM1190: Baseball Psychology - Be skilled on how to instill a "no fear" attitude to your players, know how players should think toward the game and their opponent, and realize the effect of a confident mind set during the game.
BCM1263: Some Final Thoughts - Understand that baseball is simple, it should no longer be the "forgotten sport", and it should be brought to its old status of the glory days.

Course Certification & Objectives

When you successfully complete this course you will obtain certification from the National Education Council to teach this course.
1. Learn how to properly coach baseball and how to take your team to victory
2. Understand how to turn your practice sessions into learning experiences
3. Master the latest Baseball coaching techniques used by national superstars
4.Psychologically evaluate your players and understand their abilities based on performance, drive and the understanding of the game
5. Be able to properly execute baseball plays based on historical events
6. Outline and construct a baseball program that guarantees success
7. Be able to successfully teach this course


Course Details

Estimated time to complete
7 Days or 90 Study Hours
Text Book
The Baseball Drill Book - How to Coach Youth Baseball - Baseball Coaching Manual
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This Course is Accredited By the National Education Council