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Let’s face stating you’re an instructor or teacher of a topic builds much greater credibility than by simply saying you took a course in the subject” - Steve CA


Welcome to the Admissions Department

The National Teaching Institute has assembled the absolute most profitable in-demand programs for you
to teach!

You will quickly discover why hundreds of students are selecting the National Teaching Institute!

Our Mission - The National Teaching Institute's mission is to provide our students with the proper credentials and training needed to teach specialty courses that do not require a formal 4 year degree.

Become a certified instructor today
and start a lucrative career!

Student Eligibility for Certification

- You must be a high school graduate or have obtained a G.E.D.

- You are not required to have a formal 4 year teaching degree

- You must complete all coursework within 180 days

- You must complete all coursework and pass with an 80% final testing score or better

Student Eligibility for Accreditation (Optional)

Post Graduation Accreditation

Once you have successfully completed your Instructor Course, the National Education Council will provide you an additional certificate of accreditation as a certified instructor for your topic.

To obtain your accreditation after graduation Contact: 330-510-2473

Note: You must complete all coursework and pass with an 85% final testing score or better

Become Certified Fast -
Unlike other traditional 4 year degree online teaching programs, all of our courses and training materials are provided 100% online. This means you will not have to wait for your books to be delivered to your door or wait to have your tests graded by mailing in your tests. This saves you a lot of money and time!


Study From Home - All of your tests and assignments will be completed from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. Graduate as fast as you want!


The average time to complete one of our certification teaching programs is 7-10 days from time of enrollment!

Become a Certified Instructor in 10 Days or Less

All of our courses are accredited by the National Education Council



100% Online Classes

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