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N.T.I. prides ourselves with the ability to help our students become successful educators by utilizing their life experiences in conjunction with our superior training. Learn More


Let’s face stating you’re an instructor or teacher of a topic builds much greater credibility than by simply saying you took a course in the subject” - Steve CA


Spiritual Instructor Courses

These courses will prepare you to enter the spiritual education work place


Open Your Own Business

Become a Spiritual Advisor

Work at Spiritual Centers

Offer Services Online

Write Articles or Books

Work with Distressed People

Help Others Enjoy LIfe

and much more...


Become a Certified Kabbalah Instructor

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment. Teach others this incredible technology that will completely change the way others look at the world.


Kabbalah has been hidden for thousands of years, until now!

Made recently popular by Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and Demi
Moore this Jewish mysticism is taking the world by storm.


By teaching Kabbalah we can ensure you will obtain students
looking to engage in this fantastic way of life. Get started today!



Become a Certified Meditation Instructor

Meditation is a three step process that leads to a state of consciousness that brings serenity, clarity, and bliss. Who wouldn't want to teach others to bring this onto themselves? We know we would, and you should too.


With this Meditation Instructor Course you can teach others to meditate and take the knowledge you've learned and pass it on to others who are interested in the topic as well.


So get started today, and become a Certified Meditation Instructor!



Become a Spiritual Advisor


Spiritual Warfare has been around since the beginning of time, and people have become more interested in the subject as faith becomes more accepted and widely practiced.


Teaching Spiritual Warfare is a good step in the right direction to gaining many students that are interested in the subject and how it has come to be.


Enroll today and start your new career as a Spiritual Advisor


Become a Bible Teacher

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to teach others about
the Bible in a certified and professional way? Well now is your opportunity to take a course that offers exactly that.


With this course you can teach others the words of God and the underlying path of the Bible as a Certified Teacher. All you have to
do is complete the course with proper grades and requirements and you're on your way to teaching others the way of The Bible.


78% of Adults in the U.S. are Christians. Therefore, the students you could possibly obtain as a Certified Bible Teacher are very broad and this gives you the chance to share your knowledge with them. Start Teaching Now!



Boost Your Credentials & Increase Your Income

There’s no better way to beat out the competition in the work place than to have a better portfolio of credentials under your belt than your competition.

By becoming an expert in your topic of choice we guarantee your success rate will skyrocket!
All Courses Are Accredited By the National Education Council